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Make an Awesome Pillow Box of Any Size

Paper pillow boxes are very trendy and famous among people now days. People use these custom pillow boxes as a favor box in parties, birthday parties etc. these custom pillow boxes shows your love and image to others. You can easily get these pillow boxes wholesale from market and you can also make these beautiful boxes at home. These are not very difficult to make it by yourself; it may also very cheap in cost if you want to buy these boxes from market. There are almost different sizes are available in market. You can also make different sizes of boxes at home by making just an extra effort.

Today we will discuss how to make an awesome paper pillow box of any size at home. For this purpose you should have to read these things which will be the important thing to make it.

Pillow Box - go custom boxes

  1. Choose the paper for pillow boxes

First of all you need to choose the paper by which you need to make the pillow boxes. You can choose the fancy paper or plain paper for your pillow boxes. Choice would be yours. For this purpose, rectangle paper would be best and if you want to make these pillow boxes for parties try to use bright colors. If you simply practicing your paper folding skills, use some scrap paper instead.

  1. Material you need

You need some cutting and gluing the paper and pillow boxes are the easiest form to make at home by using cardstock or another type of thicker paper.

  1. Print a pillow box template

Now print on the paper a pillow boxes template so you can easily cut it down with scissor. For this purpose you need a scissor. Glue and ruler to complete this task.  

pillow box template - go custom boxes

  1. Cut the Templates

Carefully use the scissor to cut the templates on the sketched lines. They will look similar to a wide hour glass type and some will look more beautiful.

  1. Score the Fold Lines.

For straight fold lines use your ruler on the marked lines on the templates. The curved fold lines will be thicker. Gently use your tool up and down the lines until you get a fine form.

  1. Fold your Box to Half Centre Line.

Now flip your paper first and fold it inward to keep your design facing outward. Use the ruler again to guide you if you are facing any trouble.

  1. Fold and Glue the Tab

Fold the second line inward the skinny flap will be what holds the box together. Flip the box on the paperback and use glue on it.

  1. Assemble the Main Parts

Assemble the main parts of the box now fold it in half again place some heavy book on the box so glue frequently mixes into it.

  1. Fold the Inward Edges Inward

This is the last and final step to fold the round lines down the centre of the box with your fingers. These will be now two parallel sides. Each shape would be like oval shape. The edges will hold together without any additional glue. Note that if you are using thick paper, glue might be used more to complete the process. Now your pillow box is ready to give anyone.

custom pillow boxes - go custom boxes

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