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How we could Increase Food value by Packaging

Maintaining food quality is matter of great concern and this is next to impossible to attain such standards without using array of packaging techniques in combined. When you come to packaging of food then this is a huge topic to discuss, but this is for sure that without packaging you can’t survive at least in food business. Packaging is now considered as the fifth “P” in marketing after product, price, place and promotion, so you need to worry about this also.

Almost all brands like Pepsi, Coke and Nestle are packaging conscious so these are recognize in the whole world and making sure that they have same quality and taste in the whole world. So packaging is not only helps in preserving food items but also a marketing and branding tool. You may say that an art or technology or might be science that is used to protect food items, distribution, safe storage and transportation. On the other hand packaging activities includes measurements, designing, customization, personalization, printing and delivery. All these step of packaging involves separate concerns and processes.


Three classification of packaging are primary, secondary and tertiary. In primary packaging you should focus on individual food items that are directly in contact with customers. These are smallest units of any food items like individual candies packaging require primary packaging. You can say this is first packaging for items. In secondary packaging you used to combine primary units, on the other units grouping of candies or box of candies that group all candies would know secondary packaging. Tertiary packaging is a big box that contains multiple or dozens of secondary units. These are mostly used to ship products from one place to another place, for storage in the warehouse. These made handy for us to carry large quantity and weight. These boxes require self-closing of boxes you can say repackaging of secondary units.

All these Boxes have some goals to achieve especially when you come to food items like physical protection, barrier protection, containment protection, marketing, spoilage prevention, preservation, security, branding, convenience, and shipping.

Why Physical Protection is Mandatory for Food Items?

Food items while packaging require physical protection before reaching to the customer like eggs, jams and etc. If you fail to reach your physical standards then you should plan to fail in business. So the solution of this hot potato is only in safe packaging. This packaging protects food items form vibration, variation in temperature and shocks during transportation and helps in reaching safe at their destination.

Barrier Protection Sounds Mandatory for Foods:

During transportation or even at the retail shop located in different areas or origins food items can suffer environmental changes that actually spoil the products. In order to keep fresh and clean you require stopping the chemical reactions from air, oxygen, moisture, water vapors, dust and contamination. This is only possible through modern techniques of packaging.

No one Like Containment items:

Many food items are packed in single box in order to keep them safe and prevent from pollution and all other external factors that cause spoilage in quality. Delivering substandard or UN hygienic products will lead you towards lost. You should meet the international health standards at any stage till delivering items to customer home.

Now forget about Spoilage Prevention:

Self cooing and self-heating techniques make self-protection possible for food items. Coated layers of Custom Packaging materials used protect from sunlight and other ways that can spoil the product and double the lifeline of food items. Most of the business is flop just because of spoilage. Especially if you're dealing in liquid food item then you have to focus more and more on spoilage.

Packaging for Preservation:

In-modern ways packaging is also use for preservation of food items. All shopping mall preserve food quantities in bulk in plastic bags and special packaging material used for them. Canning, drying is technique that is used in preservation. Packaging is use even to store food items at large scale.

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