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Where to buy candy boxes in bulk USA?

Every manufacturer of sweets and candy bars deal with the challenge of getting the best priced boxes for their candy products. A lot of things and product success depends on the candy packaging because this is the thing that draws the buyers towards your product. When the candy boxes are expensive and even the prices in bulk exceeds the price of the product itself, it means the boxes are not suitable for you candy products and you need something affordable.

candy boxes

Whether you order the boxes from someone you know, or you try to order somewhere new, you must know few very important things about buying custom candy boxes in USA.

  • Not every candy boxes manufacturer knows the job and has relevant experience
  • You can save a lot of money just by getting the packaging boxes from your own country instead of ordering from far off countries such as China
  • The manufacturers available online may be as experienced as the others and they open up more options for you, you can check samples and look at options just like the way you order physically
  • Ordering boxes online usually gets you the best deals and make you come across great manufacturers
  • You can trust online retailers and wholesalers by looking at their testimonials, reviews and ratings
  • You must explore all sorts of candy boxes and have all the ideas gathered before you move on to make a purchase.
  • Manufacturers within USA have all the latest technology and there is nothing not-doable for them

Knowing all of the facts, one must understand that not everyone is out to cheat you in the manufacturing industry; in fact everyone is after you to provide you the extra ordinary packaging solutions your product needs. Custom candy boxes in USA are bring manufactured by one of the best names in the packaging industry such as where they make sure that they give you all the options and you know all there is to the packaging before you place your order. You can order samples for the boxes send them your product and explain your requirements thoroughly and have the team design the most suitable boxes for you.

custom candy boxes

Have an already existing design? No problem at all! You can also get your already existing designs manufactured and have them made in much better quality and have no compromise on the quality of the boxes.

By choosing the best manufacturers such as for the Custom Candy Boxes you ensure that you get the best packaging done for the boxes in the best price offered to you. Your boxes will be good quality, catchy, attractive, made with the best quality material and will have no traces of imperfection. All the professional manufacturers ensure that the buyer, who comes to them to get their boxes made for their unique product, comes back again and again before of the great quality of their boxes and the services provided by them.

Candy boxes if not made with care and a lot of research will be just another product on the superstore racks. You don’t want to have that happen to your product so make sure whoever you decide to go for have the knowledge for the product, has experience in the industry of sweets and candies and is able to get your ideas easily and get you exactly what you product needs. Packaging manufacturers can help you get where you want with your product, with their help and their services and a flawless design in very affordable prices. So choose wisely and choose the best manufacturer. 

Make an Awesome Pillow Box of Any Size

Paper pillow boxes are very trendy and famous among people now days. People use these custom pillow boxes as a favor box in parties, birthday parties etc. these custom pillow boxes shows your love and image to others. You can easily get these pillow boxes wholesale from market and you can also make these beautiful boxes at home. These are not very difficult to make it by yourself; it may also very cheap in cost if you want to buy these boxes from market. There are almost different sizes are available in market. You can also make different sizes of boxes at home by making just an extra effort.

Today we will discuss how to make an awesome paper pillow box of any size at home. For this purpose you should have to read these things which will be the important thing to make it.

Pillow Box - go custom boxes

  1. Choose the paper for pillow boxes

First of all you need to choose the paper by which you need to make the pillow boxes. You can choose the fancy paper or plain paper for your pillow boxes. Choice would be yours. For this purpose, rectangle paper would be best and if you want to make these pillow boxes for parties try to use bright colors. If you simply practicing your paper folding skills, use some scrap paper instead.

  1. Material you need

You need some cutting and gluing the paper and pillow boxes are the easiest form to make at home by using cardstock or another type of thicker paper.

  1. Print a pillow box template

Now print on the paper a pillow boxes template so you can easily cut it down with scissor. For this purpose you need a scissor. Glue and ruler to complete this task.  

pillow box template - go custom boxes

  1. Cut the Templates

Carefully use the scissor to cut the templates on the sketched lines. They will look similar to a wide hour glass type and some will look more beautiful.

  1. Score the Fold Lines.

For straight fold lines use your ruler on the marked lines on the templates. The curved fold lines will be thicker. Gently use your tool up and down the lines until you get a fine form.

  1. Fold your Box to Half Centre Line.

Now flip your paper first and fold it inward to keep your design facing outward. Use the ruler again to guide you if you are facing any trouble.

  1. Fold and Glue the Tab

Fold the second line inward the skinny flap will be what holds the box together. Flip the box on the paperback and use glue on it.

  1. Assemble the Main Parts

Assemble the main parts of the box now fold it in half again place some heavy book on the box so glue frequently mixes into it.

  1. Fold the Inward Edges Inward

This is the last and final step to fold the round lines down the centre of the box with your fingers. These will be now two parallel sides. Each shape would be like oval shape. The edges will hold together without any additional glue. Note that if you are using thick paper, glue might be used more to complete the process. Now your pillow box is ready to give anyone.

custom pillow boxes - go custom boxes

Individual Pink Clear Top Cupcake Boxes

Are you a big fan of cupcakes? Do you want to make your cupcakes extra special? Do you want your cupcakes look absolutely fabulous when you present them at the table? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you require a cupcake box to add to the beauty of your cupcakes.

Cupcake boxes play a pivotal role in adding the finishing touch to your cupcakes. Using cupcake boxes may make your cupcake look extra special.

custom cupcake boxes

The product dimensions are 3.5 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 inches. It barely weighs 1 pound. The light weight of the product has placed it as a hot favorite among the customers today. The box usually comes in different parts which later on, have to be assembled in order to make the final cupcake box. A package of a cupcake box typically contains a clear top cover, a cupcake box insert and a base. Each of the part has to be assembled properly in order to make the final cupcake box.

The single top cupcake box comes in pink color. The pink color provides a vibrant and exotic look to your collection of sweets. You can use it for theme parties as well as use at home.

Some of the notable features of the product include:

  • Small size
  • Provides the perfect theme to your party
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Comes in packs of 10s
  • Clear top single box
  • Contains a base, a box insert and a clear top cover.

The cupcake box, however, has been subject to severe criticism based on two specific factors. Firstly comes the issue of assembling. The box may surely be assembled to give a fine look to your sweet collection. But the assembling process is lengthy and tedious. For any average user, it takes a minimum 5 minutes to assemble the three parts of the cupcake box. This has been a big downside for such a promising product. There is also another problem. It is related with after assembly. Once you have assembled all the separate parts together, you will be having a very difficult time placing the lid on the cupcake box. In most cases, I have heard users complain that the lid pops off from the Cupcake Box. If the lid is somehow placed to fit with the cupcake box, the frosting of the cupcakes inside can be of huge concern.

These issues should be ironed out as soon as possible so that the product can continue to maintain a smooth sail in the market. Despite the kinks, the product has successfully remained as a market favorite. Such a product is available at a very reasonable price. Rush today and place your order online today and add another degree to your sweet collection.

How we could Increase Food value by Packaging

Maintaining food quality is matter of great concern and this is next to impossible to attain such standards without using array of packaging techniques in combined. When you come to packaging of food then this is a huge topic to discuss, but this is for sure that without packaging you can’t survive at least in food business. Packaging is now considered as the fifth “P” in marketing after product, price, place and promotion, so you need to worry about this also.

Almost all brands like Pepsi, Coke and Nestle are packaging conscious so these are recognize in the whole world and making sure that they have same quality and taste in the whole world. So packaging is not only helps in preserving food items but also a marketing and branding tool. You may say that an art or technology or might be science that is used to protect food items, distribution, safe storage and transportation. On the other hand packaging activities includes measurements, designing, customization, personalization, printing and delivery. All these step of packaging involves separate concerns and processes.


Three classification of packaging are primary, secondary and tertiary. In primary packaging you should focus on individual food items that are directly in contact with customers. These are smallest units of any food items like individual candies packaging require primary packaging. You can say this is first packaging for items. In secondary packaging you used to combine primary units, on the other units grouping of candies or box of candies that group all candies would know secondary packaging. Tertiary packaging is a big box that contains multiple or dozens of secondary units. These are mostly used to ship products from one place to another place, for storage in the warehouse. These made handy for us to carry large quantity and weight. These boxes require self-closing of boxes you can say repackaging of secondary units.

All these Boxes have some goals to achieve especially when you come to food items like physical protection, barrier protection, containment protection, marketing, spoilage prevention, preservation, security, branding, convenience, and shipping.

Why Physical Protection is Mandatory for Food Items?

Food items while packaging require physical protection before reaching to the customer like eggs, jams and etc. If you fail to reach your physical standards then you should plan to fail in business. So the solution of this hot potato is only in safe packaging. This packaging protects food items form vibration, variation in temperature and shocks during transportation and helps in reaching safe at their destination.

Barrier Protection Sounds Mandatory for Foods:

During transportation or even at the retail shop located in different areas or origins food items can suffer environmental changes that actually spoil the products. In order to keep fresh and clean you require stopping the chemical reactions from air, oxygen, moisture, water vapors, dust and contamination. This is only possible through modern techniques of packaging.

No one Like Containment items:

Many food items are packed in single box in order to keep them safe and prevent from pollution and all other external factors that cause spoilage in quality. Delivering substandard or UN hygienic products will lead you towards lost. You should meet the international health standards at any stage till delivering items to customer home.

Now forget about Spoilage Prevention:

Self cooing and self-heating techniques make self-protection possible for food items. Coated layers of Custom Packaging materials used protect from sunlight and other ways that can spoil the product and double the lifeline of food items. Most of the business is flop just because of spoilage. Especially if you're dealing in liquid food item then you have to focus more and more on spoilage.

Packaging for Preservation:

In-modern ways packaging is also use for preservation of food items. All shopping mall preserve food quantities in bulk in plastic bags and special packaging material used for them. Canning, drying is technique that is used in preservation. Packaging is use even to store food items at large scale.




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